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FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY like fine dining - for TEAM BALAGAN  or DRINKS and BREAKFAST at HAUS IM TAL in munich. as well as BAR FOOD at HiT. other than that - another fine dining concept PINOT BISTRO at TEIKEI CAFÉ

hotel stories for HAUS IM TAL.

underwear shooting with MARC RITZ for KVRT STVFF or for the eyewear-brand NEUBAU

videography for STADTSALAT - summer and autumn - in hamburg.

how to be a woman - publication and exhibition by imina, kassel - july 2023

and merch + photos + videos for VADERSDYE (tattoo studio in hamburg & berlin)

watched CEVIN PARKER create his publication SOME DREAMS and photographed his book.

re-opening of the REFORM store in hamburg.

standing next to and observing while creating - BEHIND THE SCENES for Max Sonnenschein.

own projects, like ... 

ANALOG or a polaroid session with BELLAPAULA and her art

i created a zine, from my trip to copenhagen in april 2023 called EMPTY PLATES + different posters for PRINT IS NOT THAT at kultur&gut and spreading love with my LOVE STORIES.

constantly creating.

constantly creating.

loving the details.

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